Research Team

ANG Yee Sin

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor. Science Math and Technology (SMT) Cluster. SUTD
2022 Emerging Leaders of Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
Top 2% Most Cited Scientist (Applied Physics). Ranked by Stanford University and Elsevier (2022, 2023)
Lindau Alumni (2019)

PhD. and B. Med. Rad. Phys. Adv. (Hon.) University of Wollongong (Australia)


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr. FU Peihao (Paul)

Joined Oct 2022

PhD. Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech, China)

Research Interests. Quantum transport; topological materials; superconductor; nonreciprocal transport; quantum device design

Dr. ER Chen-Chen

Joined Aug 2023 (May 2023 to Aug 2023 as Visiting Student)

PhD. Monash University Malaysia

"I obtained a doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering from Monash University Malaysia. My current goal is to solve the intermittent sunlight issue for solar energy applications. The development of novel 2D materials for photocatalytic application through ab initio calculations is of my interest. My dream is to combine both theoretical and experimental work through a synergistic approach to target a higher quality design of photocatalyst."

Research Interests. Density functional theory; photocatalysis; reaction engineering; 2D nanomaterials; CO2 reduction

Dr. TEH Yee Wen

Joined Sep 2023. Co-supervision with Dr. Aaron Lau (IMRE A*STAR)

PhD. Monash University Malaysia

Research Interests. Artificial photosynthesis; Photocatalysis; Photoreduction of carbon dioxide; Nanomaterials; Perovskite

Co-supervisor. Dr. Aaron Chit Siong Lau (IMRE, A*STAR)

Dr. WANG Yuanyuan

Joined Sep 2023

PhD. Shandong University (China). 

Research Interests.  Calculations and theories of quantum materials; Topological excitons; Nonlinear Hall effect

Co-supervisor. Prof. YANG Shengyuan

Dr. WANG Shuhua

Joined Oct 2023

PhD. Shandong University (China). 

"I obtained my doctorate in condensed matter physics from Shandong University (China) on June 2023. I am currently doing theoretical research on the physical/chemical properties of materials based on density functional theory, mainly focusing on theoretical design and mechanism exploration of functional materials in the field of electrochemical energy conversion (water electrolysis, NH3 synthesis, etc.)."

Research Interests.  Computational research on catalytic reaction mechanism and multi-functional electrocatalysts design

Dr. Sanchali MITRA

Joined Jan 2024

PhD. Jadavpur University, Kolkata (India)

"I obtained my Ph.D. in Physics from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India in 2019 and worked as a Research Associate at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India till 2023. During my PhD and postdoc tenure, I have worked on various computational and experimental problems with high technological relevance, such as atomistic simulation of 2D material-based memristive devices, 2D materials-based heterostructures, and metal alloy and metal-doped amorphous silica structures. I am currently working on high throughput computational and machine learning-based screening of 2D materials for field-effect transistors and neuromorphic devices."

Research Interests.  Density functional theory; Molecular dynamics; Reactive force field; Quantum transport; 2D nanomaterials; 2D memristors; 2D FET; Cold source metals

Dr. PENG Rui

Joined Feb 2024

PhD. Shandong University (China). 

"I obtained my doctorate in condensed matter physics from Shandong University on June 2022. The theme of my research is to develop innovative 2D materials for electronics, spintronics, valleytronics, and topology through materials modeling and simulation using first-principles calculations. "

Research Interests.  Spin/valley/layer Hall effect; Interlayer interaction; Multiferroics

Dr. WU Qingyun

Joined Feb 2024. Co-supervision with Prof. Ricky Ang (SUTD).

PhD. National University of Singapore

Research Interests.  First-pinciples density functional thoery simulations of 2D materials; Quantum transport device simulations

PhD Student

Kok Wai LEE

BEng. University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM, Malaysia)

Start Year. AY 2022 January Intake 

PhD Project. Computational investigation of 2D dielectrics in computing electronics and memory device applications. 

Che Chen THO

BSc. National University of Singapore (NUS, Singapoore)

Start Year. AY 2021 January Intake

PhD Project. MA2Z4 van der Waals heterostructures for electronics and photonics applications

NG Jin Quan 

BSc. National University of Singapore (NUS, Singapore)

Start Year. AY 2020 January Intake (Part Time PhD student)

PhD Project. Computational design of heterostructures based on intercalated transition metal nitride monolayers 

Co-supervision with Prof. Ricky Ang (main supervisor, SUTD) 

Visiting Postgraduate Scholars

CHANG Xiaoya

Visiting PhD Student. Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC). Co-supervision with Dr. ZHANG Gang (IMRE, A*STAR)

Research Interests. Energetic materials; Molecular dynamics simulations; Neural network potential.

Visiting Project. Molecular dynamics of heat and mass transfer in nanoparticle-laden flow. 

Visiting Period. Dec 2023 to Dec 2024


Visiting PhD Student. Fuzhou University, China

Funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC)

Research Interests. Theoretical design of 2D materials and heterostructures for energy conversion applications (including photocatalytic, solar cell, and thermoelectrics).

Visiting Project. High-throughput computational screening of 2D Janus monolayer for photocatalytic water splitting.

Visiting Period. Oct 2023 to Mar 2024

CHENG Xiaoyu

Visiting PhD Student. Shanxi University, China

Funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC)

Research Interests. Topological states; quantum transport; Anderson disorder; amorphous systems

Visiting Project. Study on the critical non-Hermitian skin effect in amorphous systems 

Co-supervision with Prof. YANG Shengyuan (original host professor, Macau University) and Prof. LEE Ching Hua (National University of Singapore)

Visiting Period. Sep 2023 to Sep 2024

XU Linqiang

Visiting PhD Student. Peking University, China

Funded by MOE research grant 

Research Interests. Transport properties of sub-10 nm FET; Metal-semiconductor contact; Circuit design; DFT+NEGF 

Visiting Project. Sub-10-nm 2D semiconductor device technology: Bridging device and system

Visiting Period. Nov 2023 to May 2024


Former Researchers

JIANG Zhuoling

Former SUTD Research Fellow (Aug 2022 to Aug 2023)

PhD. Peking University (China)

Last known position to be updated

TAN Chuin Wei

Former SUTD Senior Research Assistant (Aug 2022 to Aug 2023)

BSc. Cambridge University (UK)

MSc. Cambridge University (UK)

Last known position: PhD student at the Harvard University (USA)

XU Ruoyan

Former Visiting Master Student. Xiangtan University, China

Funded by MOE research grant 

Research Interests. Theoretical prediction and characterization of 2D magnetic and multiferroic materials.

Visiting Project. Computational design of intercalation-architectured 2D semiconductors 

Visiting Period. Sep 2023 to Nov 2023

SU Tong 

Former SUTD Visiting PhD Student. Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) Shenzen (China)

Funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC) 

Visiting Project. Physics and design of metal contacts to 2D semiconductors 

Visiting Period. Oct 2021 to Oct 2023

Last known position: PhD student at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) Shenzen (China)


Former SUTD Research Assistant (Aug 2022 to Aug 2023) - co-supervised with Prof. Ricky Ang (SUTD)

BSc. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Last known position: Research assistant at National University of Singapore

MENG Haiyu - CSC Scholar (Visiting Period 2021-2022) + SUTD visiting scholar (2023)

GUO Shiying (CSC Scholar. Visiting Period 2022) + SUTD visiting scholar (2022)

Former Graduate Students

Main supervision

Jarratt ONG - MEng. Co-supervise with Prof. Ricky Ang. Graduated Aug 2023


CHEN Wei Jie - PhD. Co-advised (Main supervisor Prof. Ricky Ang). Graduated Sep 2023

Jeremy LIM - PhD. Co-advised (Main supervisor Prof. Ricky Ang). Graduated Aug 2022

ZHANG Tianning - PhD. Co-advised (Main supervisor Prof. Ricky Ang). Graduated Aug 2022


Prof. Ricky Ang

Prof. Hui Ying Yang

Assoc. Prof. Shengyuan Yang

Assoc. Prof. Nagarajan Raghavan

Asst. Prof. Angela Wang Bo 

Singapore University of Technology and Design 

Asst. Prof. Ching Hua Lee

National University of Singapore

Dr. Aaron Chit Siong Lau


Asst. Prof. Shi-Jun Liang

Nanjing University. China

Prof. Zhongshui Ma

Prof. Jing Lu

Peking University. China

Asst. Prof. Liang Jie Wong

Nanyang Technological University. Singapore

Prof. Chao Zhang 

University of Wollongong. Australia

Assoc. Prof. Muhammad Zubair

Information Technology University. Pakistan

Asst. Prof. Kelvin J. A. Ooi

Xiamen University Malaysia Campus


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